What is the Comprehensive Literacy Plan?

The Comprehensive Literacy Plan (CLP) was created after Milwaukee Public [[Comprehensive Literacy Plan#|Schools]] asked for an external review of literacy practices throughout the district in 2008. The goal was to develop a plan to improve Pre-k-Grade 12 reading achievement through consistent, quality literacy instruction, assessment, and professional development for all MPS staff. The Plan specifically outlines what each classroom should look like, the [[Comprehensive Literacy Plan#|instructional design]] for delivering the content, the new Common Core Standards, research-based strategies, and assessments. Each classroom will be erxpected to follow the Plan. The CLP is also a working document, it is constantly being revised and improved.
Components of the Comprehensive Literacy Plan:
  • Universal Expectations for the Classroom Environment
  • Instructional Design: Whole-small-whole group
  • Core Standards
  • Research-based strategies to meet the standards
  • Assessment
  • To view the Plan in its entirety, please visit the MPS Portal.
The Common Core Standards can be found at www.corestandards.org
[[Comprehensive Literacy Plan#|Complete]] Pacing Guides for Pk-8